A movie which, according to human measures, had no chances to be made..

               “Prophecy” the movie is not just another movie project. This is due to several reasons: first
of all its authors are not professional movie makers and they are not related to film industry at all.
Second of all, it is not being produced for financial profits, but on pro publico bono basis. Third of all,
its making comprises at least a few interventions from Above that confirmed validity of its creation.
                Inspiration to make the film was discerned by two individuals in June 2015. It was confirmed
by their confessor and prayed over during a series of Adorations of the Blessed Sacrament organised
for this intention. Signs were many, just to mention instant raise of funds for the first shooting day
that took place one month after the call of the heart was felt.
               This is how individuals who had no experience in film industry at all launched a kind of
investigation concerning prophecies on allegedly special task to be performed by our nation in the
name of God. As it turned out such prophecies are many. They were pronounced by, for example, a
German mystic, Therese Neuman, cardinal August Hlond, the primate of Poland and Saint sister
Faustina, whose prophesy is the core of the entire research. It is worthwhile to quote the prophesy
written down in “The Diary” announced to sister Faustina by Jesus himself:


Jezus: „Polskę szczególnie umiłowałem, jeśli posłuszna będzie Woli mojej, wywyższę ją w potędze i świętości, z niej wyprowadzę iskrę, która przygotuje świat na powtórne przyjście Moje”

św. Faustina Kowalska

Also today there are people who prophesy a similar task for Poles, like for example charismatic
priests from abroad visiting our country.
                Two ordinary individuals, working their living on daily basis, leading ordinary lives, decided
to explain the message in spite of being aware that the task is far beyond their human capacities and
predispositions. However, as it is usually the case with the Works of God, it is the Creator himself
who directs it in His own way. This was so in the case of the movie. They started to ask equations to
those, who they believed were indicated by God to them and were able to explain the prophecy.
Thanks to people's trust in the project, enormous prayer and financial support they were
accompanied by a professional film crew. In the meantime, on January 8, 2016, with the help of a
few people - friends of the film Saint Philomena Foundation was created. It was designed to ensure
full financial transparency.
                Within the period of one and a half year interviews were carried out with guests, who in the
Catholic community are regarded as respectable retreat-givers and preachers, theologians and
charismatics. Each of them was asked to discern their participation in the project. They are, among
others: Antonello Caddedu, father Henrique Porcu, father John Bashobora, father Jose Maniparambil,
father Piotr Glas, father Dominik Chmielewski SDB, father Adam Skwarczyński, Wincenty Łaszewski
Ph.D., father Stanisław Przepierski OP, father Stefan Porossa CLR, father Jarosław Klimczyk CLR and
finally father Augustyn Pelanowski OSPPE, who became the spiritual supervisor of the project.
                Today, two years after the challenge has been accepted, they claim that in retrospect it is
becoming more and more clear that if was purely their decision, the film would have never been
made. They are sure of it, having over 100 hours of interviews recorded, hundreds of kilometres
travelled and thousands emails sent and phone calls concerning organisational staff made. They do

not earn any money on the project, and they will never earn, since from the beginning they knew
that it was meant to open people's hearts, not to make any personal profit.
                The film is very important for Poles due to many reasons. The most important one, it seems,
is that they will be able to learn how much God loves them and how much trust He puts in us. They
will be able to remind themselves what is really is to be obedient to God's will, which is, in Faustina’s
prophecy, the condition of fulfilment of the promise. The perspective from abroad is also very
valuable. It shows us how necessary is the deposit of the Catholic faith kept in Polish hearts. The
interlocutors often refer to the contemporary reality and point at challenges for both Poles and
Catholics all over the world. Undoubtedly this is a film that will be awaited by many Poles and this is
the film tha will kindle faith in many hearts. It may wake up ‘the lukewarm” but most of all it may
strengthen those who feel alienated in the secularised reality. Surely this is not a documentary or a
reportage we are used to, since the answers of all the interviewed boil down to a common
denominator - God’s message to contemporary men. It helps to interpret reality from the
perspective of Heaven. It is also about a remarkable role of Mary, whose message announced 100
years ago in Fatima and 140 years ago in Gietrzwałd is increasingly urgent not only for Poles, but also
for the entire world.  Editing of the movie is in progress. Donations for the project are being collected
and the first presentation is scheduled for September 2017.