Proroctwa o Polsce

o polsce

Cardinal August HlondPoland

A Salesian priest, bishop of the diocese of Katowice in 1926, archbishop metropolite of Gniezno and Poznań in 1926 - 1948, a priest cardinal since 1927, the Servant of God

„Poland will not win by weapon, but by prayer, repentance, immense love of neighbours
and Rosary. One has to trust and pray. The only weapon for Poland to use and win with is
Rosary. It will save Poland from frightful moments with which nations may be punished for
their lack of faithfulness to God.
Poland will be the first one to experience protection of Our Lady. Mary will save the world
from a total destruction. Let everyone ask the Mother of God for help and protection under
Her cloak. There will be a great triumph of the Heart of Our Lady after which the Saviour
will reign over the world through Poland.
New Poland will be majestic, strong, great, and even attractive and leading precisely due
to her sincere and consequent compliance with the rules of Christ in life and politics.
We witness a fierce struggle between the country of God and the country of satan.
Although it has been going on relentlessly without ceasefire, nowadays it is tougher than
ever before. On the one hand we have a triumphant march of the Kingdom of Christ, on
the other the paw of satan is hanging over the world more greedily and treacherously than
ever before. Modern paganism, possessed as it were by the cult of demon, rejected all
moral ideals and erased the notion of humanity. It basks in the vision of a society in which
the name of the Lord is no longer heard and the notions of religion and Christian morality
are destroyed forever.
The result of the battle between the country of God and the country of satan is obvious.
The Church has her victory secured: „And the gates of the underworld can never hold out
against it”. What is at stake, however, is that each person should contribute merit of his
and her moral deeds to this victory (…).
It is up to us to speed the hour of the triumph up. Each and every one of us has got a
precise role in this battle. If one does not do his best on his post, one is a traitor of God’s
case and puts others at risk. Whoever escapes from this battle because of laziness, is a
fugitive from the officer cadre of Christ.
We wish to warn you, dear Brothers and Sisters, against the feeling of sadness, desperate
thoughts and unwise deeds. God of justice breaks sinful resistance of the nations by
forced repentance. What is waiting in the world for the final conclusion as a terrible game
of the opposing forces will be finished by the triumph of everything that is good, healthy
and holy. The Polish nation, in its healthy mass, feels rightfully a deeper meaning of the
contemporary moment. This is why we are not discouraged. (…). the nation is lead by the
vision of happiness of Poland, because it has been inspired by the declaration of the
Disciple of love [St. John the Apostle]: „For all that has been begotten of God gets the
victory over the world; and this is the victory which has gotten the victory over the world,
our faith”. (…).
Under the sceptre of the sweet King of the ages, under the protection of the Almighty Lady
Help of Christians, in sainthood of life, in an outburst of prayer and deeds we look with
hope into the future, where the Providence is preparing for us a noble share in the work of
fraternisation and rebirth of the world.
We wish to ask humbly for our beloved Poland (…) to raise from the ruins and to rejoice in
the announcement derived from her memorable and glorious history grown out and
inspired by the Catholic faith and reaffirmed on the foundation of Christian rules, that she
will renew the monument of her being in freedom and happiness as the sanctuary of a real
order and prosperity.

Do not lose your hope. Do not lose your hope. However, victory, if it comes, it will be
victory of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
In the battle that goes on between a horde of satans and Christ, those, who believe, that
they are called, She will call to Haven, and it will be according to God’s will.
Fight with trust.
Work under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary…
Your victory is certain.
The Immaculate One will help you to win.
Because we need this Mother, because this future is coming, and this future will be better,
because it will be resurrected by this omnipotence that in our times God gives in the hands
of Our Lady. She holds this omnipotence in her hands. She will be the one to give
directions to this world. She will lead the nations with this Omnipotence of God the
Mediatrix of which she becomes for the nearest years.